Westminster Queen Mattress by King Koil

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Westminster Queen Mattress by King Koil
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  • Tencel Fibers – The mattress comfort surface incorporates Eco-friendly Tencel fibers, derived from sustainable wood sources that promote the body’s natural thermal regulating mechanism, deter bacterial growth and enhance breathability by efficiently absorbing moisture. Tencel is durable yet gentle on the skin to provide long-lasting comfort and an optimal skin climate.
  • Temperature Regulation- Joma Wool – A luxurious, flame resistant, water repellent, nonallergenic fiber, New Zealand Joma wool is used in our mattress to maximize your comfort level and ensure breathability.
  • ThermoGraph™ - This incredible fusion of three rapid heat transferring materials: Open-Cell Breathable Memory Foam, Gel Memory Foam and Graphite, quickly absorbs body heat and immediately transfers it through the breathable foam, leaving the comfort surface the optimal sleeping temperature quicker than any other foam.

  • Rapid Response Foam- iNergex3 – Enhanced energetic foam that is highly breathable, cool and responsive. This pressure relieving foam conforms like memory foam, but is highly resilient like latex, giving you the best performance of both foam technologies.
  • Conforming Support- Natural Conform Latex –Provides the ultimate in conforming support and durability and is naturally derived from the rubber tree making it antimicrobial to prevent bacteria, mold and mildew growth.
  • Enhanced Body Conformance- MicroEncased Coil Technology - Coil-on-Coil technology for the ultimate in support and conformance. The bottom layer of coils provide unparalleled support, while the top layer of mini-coils conforms faithfully to the body - helping to ensure a restful and refreshing night’s sleep.
  • Individualized Support- Perfect Contour® Reaction Coil System –Over 1000 Active and Reaction coils work together to comfortably support each individual body shape and size to improve postural alignment while reducing motion disturbance.


Made in the USA



10 Years