Twilight 0.0 Performance Pillow


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Twilight 0.0 Performance Pillow
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The Twilight 0.0 Performance Pillow Pad by Bedgear is SLEEP TESTED for stomach sleepers or x-small body types. Twilight’s flexible pad slides between your body and the mattress and won’t create pressure against the sensitive areas of your face, ear and neck making it the perfect pillow for stomach sleepers and x-small body types. The Circadian Series by Bedgear features hypoallergenic, breathable and a soft Boost® foam blend which provides dynamic, smooth motion performance that eliminates pillow bounce and helps ensure deep sleep.

Size: 20x26


  • VER-TEX® 6.0 CLIMATE CONTROL FABRIC - Ver-Tex fabric is cool to the touch and provides instant heat deflection, remaining cool throughout the night, allowing the body’s natural temperature drop for maximum recovery and rejuvenation. 
  • AIR-X® VENTILATED PANELS - Our 3D structure keeps air flowing, moving heat away from your head, neck and shoulders while maintaining ambient temperatures in the pillow core. The filter fabric behind the Air-X® gussets creates a one-way airflow baffle; preventing allergens and dander from entering the pillow core.
  • BOOST® ACTIVE SUSPENSION -  A proprietary blend of latex and smooth microfibers, Boost is a breathable & soft hypoallergenic fill with exceptional conforming traits. Pressure-free support adapts to you, delivering motion performance that eliminates pillow bounce and helps ensure deep sleep.
  • CARE - Spot Clean Only