Transformation Plush - Queen

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Transformation Plush - Queen
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The Transformation mattress will truly enrich your sleep experience with a Micro-Coil System that holds over 2,000 pocketed coils. Hand-placed and individually wrapped, each coil is uniform from top to bottom, unlike hourglass-shaped springs that collapse easily. This system provides targeted pressure relief along your back, shoulders, and neck for better posture and spinal alignment. The Transformation mattress is complete with Diamond’s premium technology: Hyper Conductive Sparkle Foam, CoolTouch Advanced  Fabric and our Patented Support System, a dream team that brings an restorative sleep, so you can reach new heights. 


Temperature Regulation & Pressure Relief
  • Actively regulates your core temperature for the most natural sleeping environment
  • Graphene and conductive flakes dissipate heat from the surface of the skin
  • Provides superior pressure relief for sound sleep

Patented Zoned Support System-Adding 25% more support where you need it most

  • Additional Wrapped coils in the center 3rd provided extra back support where you need it
  • Improves alignment by relieving pressure along the shoulders, back and hips
  • Prevents motion transferred between partners for less disturbance

Micro-Coil Comfort Layer- Pressure Relief, Support & Breathability

  • Over 1,000 micro-coil act with independent suspension to create weightless pressure relief
  • Wrapped coil design enhances airflow and breathability to keep you sleep environment more comfortable
  • Reduces motion transfer and contours to the sleepers needs.

Cooltouch Advanced Regulating Fabric- Temperature Regulation & Pressure Relief

  • Advanced PCM coating regulates temperature so you can enter sleep more quickly and stay asleep longer
  • Actively moves excess heat away from the skin where it can dissipate to maintain a comfortable sleeping environment
  • Luxury stretch knit design contours to your body relieving pressure and enhancing conformability and pressure relief.

Combination Foam & Coils: Superior Pressure Relief-A hybrid design for a boost of balanced comfort.

  • Contours to your natural shape to help achieve a comfortable sleeping posture
  • Hyper conductive foam regulates core temperatures for a natural sleep
  • Coils provide breathability and additional comfort and support

Form-Encased Comfort Edge Sleep more comfortable all the way to the edge

  • Increases usable sleep surface by allowing you to sleep all the way to the edge without feeling like falling off
  • Creates a better edge for entering, exiting and sitting on the side of the mattress
  • Reduces motion transfer between partners for less disturbance and deeper sleep


120 Night Guarantee

Diamond offers a 120-night trial period that starts once your Diamond mattress is delivered to your door. That said, not many Diamond users return their mattress, which makes us pretty confident that you’ll love yours too. But give one of our mattress a try and see for yourself. 

We make it easy for you to ease into your new Diamond mattress. Every body is unique and needs time to adapt to a brand-new surface, which is why we give you 120 nights to sleep on it. If it’s not a perfect fit, we'll pair you with a new mattress.


Qualifying Mattresses - 120 Night Trial applies to the Faith and Transformation mattresses. The sleep trial is limited to one (1) comfort exchange per customer.