Adjustable Bed Base

Pure Comfort Mattress features the finest adjustable bed frames on the market. That means every adjustable base that we sell is a premium quality piece. So every item here on our adjustable bed sale page is a base you'll be happy with for years and years to come.

Adjustable bases typically come in two styles. One has a single adjustment control for the entire bed, from twin to king size. The other comes with two controllers allowing each side of the bed to move independently of the other. This is usually what couples prefer, giving each sleeper the ability to adjust his or her own side of the bed to fit their particular sleeping style or needs. Adjustable beds are ideal for eliminating snoring issues, night time allergy sufferers, people suffering with a stuffy head from a cold, reading or eating in bed, reducing feet or leg swelling and more. You'll both simply sleep better.

An important note about adjustable bases is that they will only function with independent coil or non-coil mattresses. The older, traditional type of mattress uses an interlocked system of coil springs. These mattresses do not allow for bending or folding since what happens on one end of the bed directly affects the other end. If you are unsure of the type of mattress you currently have, you can easily test it by placing an item on one side of the bed, then lightly bouncing on the other side. If that item bounces up and down with you, then you have an older style mattress with interlocked coil springs. You will need a new mattress if you plan to use an adjustable base.

Come in to our mattress store in Gilbert AZ for our adjustable bed clearance sale in Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale and Phoenix. Or simply order the base right here online and we can have it delivered to you anywhere in the U.S.

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